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Best Smart TV Apps and How to Install Them!

In this article, we will provide you with the best smart TV applications that can be used and enjoy applications on a large screen. Applications that display movies and videos can be installed, and in the coming lines we will learn how to download and install smart TV applications.

Best Smart TV Apps


The NETFLIX application is one of the largest video-on-demand services, which enables the service of broadcasting a variety of award-winning TV shows, documentaries, and other works through Internet-connected devices, especially smart TVs. The application contains an impressive and distinctive collection of programs TV, Movies on NETFLIX. application for smart TV

It is an application that is a tracking service for the MBC network , and it is one of the best applications for smart TV and it is one of the first viewing services, on demand, in the Middle East, showing it the largest series and programs from all channels anywhere and anytime you want, and it is available for Samsung SMART devices TV, so you can benefit from the SHAHID application and install it on smart TVs, follow MBC channels, and other Arabic channels, and enjoy watching all TV programs and series.

Twitter app for smart TV

The Twitter application can be used through the smart TV screen , where the status can be updated directly from the TV, and Twitter, some may say that there is no point in placing this application on the smart TV, but indeed the application can be useful when used through the smart TV screen , such as Samsung TV, LG TV.

Skype for Smart TV

Not all smart TVs have Skype features. To make sure that your TV has Skype, you should check the smart TV specifications or operating instructions that came with the TV. Skype supports free video calls and conference calls, as well as voicemail, instant messaging, and file sending. And many more features that can be taken advantage of through the smart TV screen .

Facebook Smart TV App

The rich Facebook application can be installed on smart TVs, and take full advantage of its features, such as updating statuses, adding new publications, in addition to liking friends' posts, and many more features that can be used while navigating between TV channels .

YouTube Smart TV App

YouTube app must be installed on smart TVs, finding, watching, commenting and sharing videos through this app is easy, because it works efficiently on many smart TVs, it is known that no computer screen can compete With the size and quality of the picture on the smart TV , the majority of the videos uploaded to YouTube, play on the TV screen in high resolution, and distinct

How to add apps to Smart TV

  1. Ensure that your smart TV , whether it is a Samsung TV, or a LG TV, is connected to the Internet , whether the connection is wired or wireless, an Internet connection is necessary to download and install applications on the smart TV.
  2. Turn on the TV, then press the Smart hub button , from the main menu.
  3. Choose apps, then choose Samsung apps from the list by using the remote control, many apps and categories will appear on the screen.
  4. Search among the apps for the app you want to install on your smart TV , from categories, video, games, sports, education, and lifestyle.
  5. Select the app you want to add to your TV, then press OK, some apps need to pay money to be installed and used.
  6. Click on the Download, to begin the download process, after the completion of the download of the application is to press run, to start the application to work.


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