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Chromecast problems in detail and how to fix them

 In this article, we will provide you with Chromecast problems in detail and how to fix them, as Google Chromecast is a device produced by Google, this ready-made device can play music clips and video clips on TVs and LCD screens, as this device allows the ability to connect the mobile with the TV screen Directly and through the use of Internet networks, or via the Wi-Fi feature, this device was announced in 2013, its price does not exceed 35 dollars, it was sold for the first time in the United States of America and then spread worldwide and in all electronic stores.

Chromecast problems in detail and how to fix them

1- The problem of intermittent black color in videos

If the video output in Chromecast turns black intermittently, then either Chromecast restarts automatically, or it is stuck in a constantly restarting loop. The solutions to this problem are as follows:

Solution one: Check the power supply

Connecting the Chromecast with the USB cable to the TV directly may lead to the lack of a constant electric current to the device, causing interruptions in the broadcast and restarting the Chromecast every period, so the cable must be replaced from the TV to the USB port in the absence of an original charger .

This may be a temporary solution, but it is recommended to use the original chromecast charger and the original USB cable with this process we will get more work

Chromecast quality.

Second solution: Factory settings

If the device remains stuck in the reboot state, and the problem will not be resolved when the device is disconnected and reconnected, then a factory reset of the device must be performed .

In the event that this problem is not resolved and the video remains intermittent, the device must be returned and replaced if it is within the warranty period, or a new device must be purchased.

2- The problem of weak wifi signal

If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, this means that nothing will be displayed on the screen . You can confirm this problem by looking at the playback screen in Chromecast. In the left corner, the name of the network will be shown. You must check the strength of the signal coming from the network, to solve this problem.

First solution: Move Chromecast off the wall

If the signal on the TV is strong, but the Chromecast does not work, there is a high possibility that the device itself is the problem. The Chromecast must be removed from the TV , and away from the wall as well.

Second solution: Strengthen the WiFi signal

If the signal is weak on the TV and on the device as well, you should try to move the network distributor (the router ) to the nearest place to the TV, or move the TV to a place close to the router, and to solve this problem, you must check the number of devices connected to the network and try to turn them off or Disconnect it from the network in order to strengthen the signal to the Chromecast device.


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