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Connecting the mobile phone to the TV via USB.. the two most popular methods!

Despite the great developments on mobile phone devices that began to produce devices with distinctive display resolutions, connecting the mobile phone to the TV via USB is the best option in order to have the pleasure of watching what is displayed on the mobile on the TV screen , or enjoying games supported by hardware systems The mobile is on a large screen, so large screens remain a unique opportunity to watch the most beautiful movies and photos. By using the USB connection, the following steps can be used to display the mobile on the TV.

Connect mobile to TV via USB

The process of connecting the mobile phone to the TV via USB depends on two different technologies, one of which supports connectivity through HDMI, and the other can connect the mobile to all TV screen ports, whether it is HDMI, VGA, or DVI.

1- Connecting with an MHL adapter

This method allows the ability to connect the phone or tablet to the TV via the HDMI port, but there are several tools that we will need to do the connection process.

Necessary tools

  • A mobile device that supports MHL technology, which is the basic piece for displaying the device on the screen. You can find out which devices are supported by this filter by clicking  here .
  • MHL adapter, which is the device responsible for connecting USB to HDMI.
  • Cable exposed to the HDMI screen.
  • A screen with a USB port.

Delivery method

The connection is very easy by inserting the HDMI cable into the MHL adapter, then connecting the adapter with the mobile device, and here the phone will start showing on the TV screen without any settings.

2- Connecting using a SLIMPORT adapter

To a large extent, this method is similar to the previous method, but differs in the quality of the outputs supported by SLIMPORT, as it supports connection through HDMI, or VGA, which makes it suitable for most types of screens.

Necessary tools

  • Mobile supports SLIMPORT adapter technology. You can find out which devices are supported by this filter by clicking  here .
  • SLIMPORT Adapter, with USB output.
  • HDMI, VGA, or DVI cable.
  • A display screen containing one of the previous ports.

Delivery method

The method of connection is not different from the previous method at all, where the HDMI cable or one of the other cables is inserted, then the SLIMPORT adapter is connected to the mobile device, then the display will start on the TV screen.


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