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How to adjust and install the shower tray by yourself

Many homeowners are looking for how to adjust the shower dish, as the satellite and over time there is a change in direction due to the force of the air or rain . The shower can be fully installed with just a few simple steps.

Necessary tools and materials

  • English wrench.
  • Hammer.
  • chisel.
  • small chisel;
  • compass.
  • Pencil for education.
  • Satellite dish.
  • Stainless steel wall sockets.
  • Hexagonal mounting screws.
  • Stainless steel iron fasteners.
  • shower cable.
  • Receiver receiver.
  • L-shaped dish holder.
  • Electric drill.

How to adjust the shower tray

Now let's move on to how to adjust the shower tray through simple and easy steps that anyone can do without the help of a professional.

1- Choosing a place to install the shower tray

Before starting the installation of the dish holder, the appropriate place for the dish must be chosen on the surface , but it must be taken into account that the location allows the correct orientation of the dish to the satellite, as there must be no obstacles in front of the dish that prevent it from communicating with the satellite, such as the presence of a wall or other covered shower dish For the place, or for example there is a water tank in front of the shower, in these cases you must choose another place that does not have any obstacles.

2- Install the plate holder

Now the dish holder can be installed , as it can be installed on any wall somewhat high, as this can be done manually. First, using a pencil, mark the marks of the dish holder on the wall, and then put it aside after that, and through the use of the electric drill, four holes must be created with a depth half cm.

Now the steel screws must be placed in their designated place inside the holes, then by using the hammer and chisel the plate holder is fixed to the wall but it must be ensured that it is sturdy and not shaken by air or anything.

3- The stage of installing the shower tray

Of course, the stage of assembling the shower tray  may differ slightly between each manufacturer, but in general, the installation method is somewhat similar, now we install the pieces that were brought with the dish, most likely they are installed and ready, the signal pickup pole must be installed on the dish and tighten it well , but the red screws should not be clamped hard because they are intended for the signal pickup whose direction we will adjust in the next lines.

4- Directing the dish to the satellite

How to adjust your dish shower depends on visiting the LYNGSAT website to find out the direction of the most important satellite for you, in this website it will show you the values ​​of polarization, altitude and deflection value as well, this data depends on Totally based on the geographical location and the location of the satellite that you want to capture the signal from, you can go to the Dishpointer website to see this data.

Practical example

If you are in Madrid, for example, and you want to get the Astra satellite signal , by using a thin Dishpointer site, it has a polarization of 38 degrees, an elevation of 25 degrees, and a deviation of 147 degrees.

First, the compass must be placed on top of a piece of paper, and then rotated so that the compass signs point towards the north. We start with the letter of the dish to reach the correct position according to the numbers engraved on the holder behind the dish to match the numbers we obtained from the same site.

5- Connecting the cables

In the last step of how to set the shower tray , the cables must be connected. The first end of the cable must be connected to the signal pickup and extended internally to the house, and then connected to the receiver . All that remains is to reprogram the receiver and add channels.


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