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How to change the frequency of a channel on the receiver yourself

The frequencies of satellite channels change periodically, which is why many TV viewers are looking for how to change the frequency of a channel on the receiver. Some people find it very difficult to return the channel whose frequency has changed, and they may need to use a technician to add the new channel frequency. This may cost them more money, but you should know that the frequency of the channels can be changed without the need for a technician.

What is the mission of the receiver?

The receiver is the device designated for displaying free satellite channels . They are devices that receive signals from TV channels and free radio channels. These channels are available to everyone for free without paying any subscription. The receiver receives the signal and then decompresses it if necessary.

Why do channel frequencies change?

There are several reasons for changing the channel frequencies, some of which are due to a weakness in the frequency, or another competing party disrupting the same channel, which forces the channel management to change the frequency.

How to change the frequency of a channel on the receiver

Different types of receivers can work on the same technology. How to change the frequency of a channel on the receiver does not differ much from one type to another. If you are used to dealing with your receiver, you can reset the frequency of the channels on any other receiver and you will not need anyone else to do so, This change can be done very easily without anyone's help.

But if it is the first time that you reset a channel frequency, you must follow the following steps.

  • Using the remote control of the receiver itself, you must press the Menu option , in this menu the receiver will ask you to enter the password, some devices have passwords consisting of four numbers, usually zeros, if you did not change the password from Before.
  • After pressing the menu, the signal should be placed on the antenna tuning menu , in which the satellite names will be displayed in the order you wish.
  • You must search for the moon in which the channel whose frequency you want to change is located , at the bottom there are several options, including manual search.
  • Through the manual search option, the new frequency of the channel is added .
  • In the menu menu, there are many options that can be used, such as the option to transfer information through which the entire data of the receiver can be transferred to the computer and saved there for use in the event of an error that led to the sudden deletion of the data.
  • There are other options in the menu, including factory reset . The function of this option is to erase all information and reset the settings as if the receiver was new.
  • By using the automatic search option, all channels can be downloaded according to the frequency that you have entered.


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