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How to connect the mobile to the TV without a direct connection or wires!

With the rapid advancement of technology in our time, there are many options that can be taken advantage of, especially with regard to mobile phones (smart phones) and ways to connect them to televisions.

Until there are many ways to connect it, including wired methods using the mobile phone connection (USB connection), and wireless methods . And in this small article, we will learn how to connect the mobile to the TV without a direct wired connection , all you have to do is read the article carefully :)

How to connect mobile to TV without cable

It is an exclusive feature with modern smart TVs, which are called ( Smart TV ), as these devices are characterized by the ability to connect them to the Internet via the home Wi-Fi network , and these TVs contain applications that can be downloaded and benefited from (such as the YouTube application, Facebook and others). .

These Smart TVs provide the ability to do what is called ( Screen Mirroring ) from your smartphone, where you will find a special sign in mobile applications to mirror the mobile screen on the TV. Or you may need to activate this feature through the main mobile settings. Also, you need to activate this feature from the TV itself, follow the instructions explained in the user manual to activate it correctly.

Method 2: Using the ChromeCast piece

Chromecast is a piece that acts as an intermediary between the mobile (Android or iPhone) and the TV , where the TV is not required to be of the type ( Smart TV ), as it has an HDMI output that connects to the TV, and is connected to the home Wi-Fi network, and on a device On your mobile, the screen mirroring sign will appear in applications such as YouTube , Facebook, and others. Once you click on it, the videos will appear on your TV directly.

This piece is manufactured by Google , and it can be purchased directly from the Google Store (via this link ), or through local stores, and its price is $35 or its equivalent in local currency. 

How to connect Chromecast for the first time

  • Insert the Chromecast into the HDMI input of the TV.
  • Connect the Chromecast to a USB cable to supply power. You can use its own charger, or connect it to the USB port on the TV.
  • Enter the link ( ) from your mobile device.
  • Connect Chromecast to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Chromecast will connect to the network and activate the service automatically.
  • If you have a problem activating it, see this page dedicated to google to solve that problem.

Method 3: Use a ChromeCast replacement like AnyCast

As an alternative to the Chromecast manufactured by Google, there are many options available that can be purchased from the Internet easily, and for an amount not exceeding $15. For example, AnyCast is a good alternative to Chromecast.

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