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How to hang a TV screen on the wall and install it

Installing a flat screen TV on the wall at home is a fun thing. You must learn how to hang the TV on the wall the right way. With the wide spread of flat screen TVs and high-definition TVs that work with plasma technology, you should know that installing a TV on the wall is easy. It does not require a lot of effort and is not very expensive, it will only be needed for the TV stand (the strap).

Necessary tools and materials

  • Wall screen base (cradle).
  • Panel mounting screws.
  • Screen mounting screws.
  • wedge.
  • Electric drill .
  • A damp piece of cloth (to place it on the drill bit while drilling to avoid spreading dust).
  • Hexagonal wrench.
  • pencil.

How to hang a TV screen on the wall

Knowing how to hang the TV screen on the wall does not require much effort. In just a quarter of an hour, the screen can be completely fixed to the wall.

1- Buy a wall screen base

The monitor base that is suitable for the monitor installed must be purchased, as it can be obtained by purchasing it from electronic stores or through the Internet , and the appropriate base must be chosen for the exact size of the monitor.

2- Install the screen parts

The base for mounting the screen on the wall comes in three pieces, one large rectangular, in which there are two rails to install the screen, and the remaining two pieces are pieces that look like metal sticks, in each of them two posts that will be inserted into the two rails of the large piece from the top and bottom later on. These two pieces also contain a screw Install down each imposition.

The two small pieces must be installed on the screen, the screen must be placed on its face and then search for four holes located in its back, as there are two holes on the right below each other and two others on the other side, the two metal pieces are placed on the screen and fixed well with the appropriate fixing screws for the size of the holes on the screen.

3- Install the large piece on the wall

In this step, the large pieces must be placed on the wall and make sure that there are no tendencies in them (a water ruler can be used if available) and then markings are made using a pencil, where 4 holes will be made on the wall using an electric drill and then put the wedge inside each hole After that, the wall panel is fixed to the wall and the hexagonal mounting screws are placed, then tightened with a hexagonal screwdriver and making sure that it is completely fixed.

4- Installing the screen on the mural

The assumptions on the pieces installed on the screen are entered by hanging the first two assumptions and then pulling the screen towards the second direction and then making sure that all the assumptions are completely on the rail .


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