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How to program the receiver for the first time

One of the things that many TV users are looking for is how to program the receiver for the first time , but what is the receiver? And what is its mechanism of action? And how to program it? This is what we will learn in the next lines. While some may make a mistake and incorrectly press the option to reset the receiver here, there is a big problem, which is the way to reprogram the receiver and return the channels that have been deleted.

Necessary tools and materials

  • Receiver preferably HD.
  • A remote control device for the receiver.
  • HD TV.
  • HDMI connection.
  • shower tray .
  • signal cable.
  • Signal cable header.
  • Elastic adhesive to fix the head.
  • pliers.

What is a reciever and how does it work?

The receiver is the device that is used to follow TV channels on the TV screen . The receiver performs many tasks in order to provide this service. Its working mechanism depends on receiving the encrypted signals and then decoding them and converting the signal format from digital to the analogue format that TV screen understands it.

The mechanism of work also depends on receiving signals from the satellite, and one of the tasks that the receiver can perform is to amplify the sound volume and also provides an interface that enables users to control via the remote control.

How to program the receiver for the first time

How to program the receiver for the first time relates to several things that must be taken into account to obtain satisfactory results, starting from the position of the signal receiving dish on the surface and ending with entering the settings.

1- Install the shower tray

Installing the shower dish is the most important step before starting to program the receiver for the first time, as it is necessary to ensure that the shower dish is directed correctly to the desired satellite by knowing the appropriate signal reception angle, where the signal angle is known through the use of the compass, then extending the signal cable towards the receiver.

2- Install the shower cable

At the back of the receiver and on the left side of it there is a place designated for installing the shower cable . The installation must be very tight, as it cannot be loose, in order to preserve it from damage.

3- Connect the picture and audio transmission cable

The RCA cable is connected at the back of the receiver . This cable contains yellow, red and white colored ports. It is connected to the receiver, which has sockets in the same colors. Then it must be in the TV in the same inputs. It is possible to use the HDMI connection if the receiver and the TV support image transmission in summer. HD.

4- Programming the receiver channels

  • Using the remote control, we press the menu button from the remote control menu.
  • The receiver will ask you to enter your password , which is usually three zeros.
  • The word may differ from one type of receiver to another.
  • A menu will open with several options, including antenna settings.
  • The desired satellite must be selected when entering the antenna tuning option.
  • We will find a number of options, including automatic search, this option must be selected.
  • When you select Auto Search, the receiver will start searching for channels automatically.
  • Other options, including manual search , this option allows entering some frequencies manually.
  • In the end, the receiver will ask to save the channels in the list, you must press Agree.
  • In the event that the “Disapproval” option is pressed, the channels will not be saved and must be reprogrammed again.


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