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LG 49 Screen Prices And Important Features And Disadvantages You Should Know

LG 49 screens are considered one of the most prominent screens currently in the market because of their capabilities and high quality, and also because this size is medium and suitable for most spaces, there is a demand for this screen specifically

. Therefore, in this topic, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the known and unknown LG 49 screens so that you can make your decision to buy with ease and without any concern. We will also list the prices of LG 49 inch screens in the market Also

At the end of the topic , you will find a table containing a summary of the screen review and the evaluation of previous users of both the quality of sound and image , materials and the smart feature . 

NoticeableYou must be fully aware of the difference between the different types of screens and the differences between them LED - LCD - OLED and the differences between their technology also HD - FHD - HDR - 4k so that you can choose the appropriate technology for your use of screens and to view these differences click here

LG 49 screen features

  • More realistic pictures
  • wide viewing angle
  • Some of them have a quad core 4k processor
  • True color accuracy
  • Simple and cool design
  • Super surround sound
  • Voice search feature
  • Easily connect to the internet

The details of the LG 49-inch screen features are as follows

More realistic pictures

For everyone who likes to see a more realistic picture, buy LG 49 screens because they have a realistic and clear picture. The screen improves the 4K Active HDR range, which works to provide a more accurate picture and clear colors, in addition to LG technology that processes each scene separately. .

wide viewing angle

One of the advantages of LG 49 screens is that wherever the viewer sits at any angle in the room, he enjoys a clear view with a wide angle of up to 60 degrees and colors are displayed with 100% accuracy.

Some of them have a quad core 4k processor

This feature is one of the best features of the LG 49 screens, as it works with a fast and accurate quad-core processor that provides clearer and more accurate colors, in addition to upgrading the efficiency of any low-resolution images and reproducing them with quality close to 4K resolution.

True color accuracy

As we mentioned, what distinguishes the LG 49 screens is the clarity of the image and the accuracy of colors that reflect the slightest change in the image so that the viewer can enjoy an image with more accurate colors, contrast and realism, in addition to that some types contain a quality upgrade.

Simple and cool design

Customers are also interested in the internal features of LG 49 screens, as well as the external design of the screen. LG 49 screens have a simple, wonderful and elegant design, designed in a slim and modern design that suits all tastes.

Super surround sound

One of the advantages of LG 49 screens is the default sound as if the screens are working to redistribute the sound throughout the room so that the viewer can enjoy clear and loud sound without the need to install any additional headphones.

Voice search feature

Each viewer can enjoy the voice search feature on LG 49 screens by giving a command to the screen, and the screen will automatically show everything that is asked of it. When movies are requested, the screen will display the latest available movies.

Easily connect to the internet

One of the advantages of LG 49 screens is its fast connection to the Internet to enjoy the latest movies and series, and the ability to download all the applications that suit you, such as YouTube and NetFlix.

Disadvantages of LG 49 . screens

  • The high price and the high cost of spare parts
  • Difficult to hang it on the wall
  • Lack of external ports for the screen
  • Difficulty adjusting screen settings

The details of the defects of the LG 49 screens are as follows

The high price and the high cost of spare parts

Many customers have commented on the high price of LG 49 screens compared to the rest of the other screens, as well as the high price of spare parts.

Difficult to hang it on the wall

 One of the most prominent disadvantages of LG 49 screens receiving complaints from customers is the difficulty of hanging the screen on the wall and this is a major flaw as most customers we hang screens

Lack of external ports for the screen

Although there are many features in the LG 49 screens, it contains a small number of external ports to which headphones, flashes and any external connections are connected.

Difficulty adjusting screen settings

One of the most prominent disadvantages of LG 49 screens is adjusting the settings on the screen, as the topic takes a lot of time until the customer can adjust the screen correctly, unlike the rest of the screens that are easily adjusted.

Previous users' opinions on LG 49 inch smart and regular TVs

  • Excellent picture and sound
  • The sound is a little low when it works with the flash
  • Wonderful masterpieces of LG, but without the magic remote control, keep your mind when you buy, because the remote control is expensive alone
  • Screen size and image are more than wonderful
  • Purity and colors are contagious, frankly, this screen, I advise to buy it
  • A very nice screen. The colors are really nice. You can see the match as if you were in the stadium because of the beauty of the colors that matched Europe, of course, because the quality of the picture remains high.
  • This screen is a masterpiece and its image is very very clear


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