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The most famous screen malfunctions and how to fix them yourself

It is very important to know screen malfunctions and how to fix them because they are one of the most  electronic home devices that we use on a daily basis, but this device may be exposed to malfunctions and problems like many other devices, so we must be very aware of what screens face from malfunctions and know the proper and correct ways To fix it at home without the need for an expert, when we buy a new screen , we start connecting it and enjoy what the screen displays, but inside there are hundreds of interconnected pieces that give that beautiful picture.

The most common screen malfunctions and how to fix them

It is natural that any problem faced by the screen or one of its components will be reflected directly on the screen itself, which causes problems in the image that may not be visible to the naked eye, but with the passage of time it affects the accuracy of the displayed images greatly, so it is necessary to know the most famous screen malfunctions and how to fix them at home.

1- Illumination fluctuation

This problem is the most common screen problem, as sudden flashes appear from time to time , or a sudden drop in lighting . The cause of this problem may lie in the screen connections themselves, so as a first step, you must make sure that the cables do not have any problem, especially the cable. The one who connects the monitor with the computer, or with the receiver , must make sure that the cables screws are connected correctly.

2- The problem of vertical lines

This problem begins to appear first through vertical lines that may be black or colored , and then may develop into more problems if not followed up at the first appearance, it may be fixed as in the previous problem by checking the cables connecting to the screen, such as the video and power cable, or It can be solved by updating the graphics card in the computers.

The malfunction could be from the receiver or from the computer itself, so the computer must be replaced and the screen should be tested again . .

3- Distressed or tired pixels

When looking at the screen closely, we will see small points that resemble the pores of the human skin. These points are the pixels. In the normal case, all points must be lit, and each of them carries a color according to the background. But when the black color appears on one of the points, this means that this pixel is multiplied or has been multiplied. We find dots that flash lightly or in red and green, these pixels are tired.

This problem may be difficult to solve, but if only two or two pixel points appear, the matter can be ignored .

But when the pixel is tired, here it can be said that it can return to normal work on its own, but there are several techniques for this, for example, several programs can be run that help restore activity to the tired pixel.

4- Cracks or fractures

In the event that there is a break in the screen, but it is visible, it is certain that the screen will appear in overlapping colors with each other horizontally and vertically with the appearance of black spots, especially in the exact place of the break, and it is certain that the shape of the break will appear in the place of the black color, in this case the LCD panel must be replaced But you should know that this painting is expensive.

5- The screen resolution is not clear

When the screen resolution changes suddenly, this means that the reason is likely to be the definition of the graphics card in the computer itself, so it must be updated . screen , it is possible to replace the port instead of using DVI the port is used HDMI.

6- The screen stops suddenly

When the screen stops suddenly, it is certain that the malfunction is electrical. Either the electricity connected is very weak. You must try changing the power outlet or installing an electrical regulator for the screen. The screen may suddenly stop working due to a malfunction in the electrical cable. Note that inside the cable head there is Thermal fuse may melt when the electricity rises, it must be replaced or another cable is tried before I take the screen to a maintenance expert so that he is very familiar with all screen malfunctions and how to fix them better.


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