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 It is undeniable that smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, so many people are looking for a way to convert any TV into a Smart TV, as it is known that the TV industry is developing rapidly. to Smart TV as in modern smart TVs.

How to turn any TV into a Smart TV

1- Turn your TV into a Smart TV using the APPLE TV

It is one of the most expensive devices that turn any TV into a Smart TV, which was made by Apple, and it is one of the oldest tools that help in this. The device can play music and video from the Apple Store, and it supports SKY services, Now TV, and many more. From services such as YouTube, and others.

  • Look for the TV's HDMI port. Since HDMI looks like a long, thin slot, with a slightly tapered base, the HDMI ports are usually located on the back or side of the TV screen.
  • Note the number next to the HDMI port since this is the input channel that you will need to use in order to use the Apple TV .
  • If your TV doesn't have at least one HDMI port , you can buy an HDMI to RCA converter that plugs into the red, yellow, and white ports on the back or side of the TV instead.
  • Buying an HDMI Cable You can find HDMI cables of different lengths at most electronics stores, or buy online , as HDMI cables are much cheaper online.
  • Place your Apple TV next to the TV, and connect the HDMI cable and power cable to the device.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the TV, then turn on your TV.
  • Press the Apple TV button, the settings that you must enter will appear on the screen.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password, you can now use your TV as a Smart TV.

2- Turn your TV into a Smart TV using Now TV

Now TV is an inexpensive device, available at a price of 15 pounds, the device is a small black box, has all the features but needs to be plugged in, can provide 1080P video and Dolby Digital Plus quality sound. One of the disadvantages of Now TV is that it limits its services to SKY of movies, entertainment, and sports, and it needs to create a Now TV account, and it does not support streaming services from the Internet.

3- Turn your TV into a Smart TV using Chromecast

The manufacturer of this device is Google . Its price is 50 dollars. It is the second cheapest device . It connects to the TV with a USB port and is similar to Flash Memory. Chromecast works to display everything on your phone on your TV, you can run all the applications on the TV, to turn it into a smart TV, you can play applications such as YouTube and Facebook, and all the applications installed on your smartphone.

It can be easily connected by using the usb port, then download the Chromecast app to your smartphone, and sync between your phone and TV, turning your TV into a smart TV at an affordable price.

4- Turn your TV into a Smart TV that works as a laptop

In recent versions of laptop computers , they have an HDMI input, so you can show the computer screen on the TV. So, you can connect the computer to the TV and use the keyboard and mouse to be able to control everything that is displayed on the new smart TV , without having to stay in front of the computer itself, and the same is true with tablets that have an HDMI port, and there are VGA to HDMI converter connections available in the market, To be able to connect it to the TV, to display the images and sound in the best quality.


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