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Ways to fix problems related to TV sound

Television has evolved over time to become a device that can be used to watch satellite channels, and watch Internet content on the big screen, especially in smart TVs, but like other electronic devices, it is subject to multiple malfunctions. As the sound disappears or decreases inappropriately or is issued in a distorted and intermittent manner, so in this article we will present solutions to the problem of sound disappearance, decrease and distortion.

How to fix TV sound problems

Sound disappearing and decreasing

It is one of the problems that suddenly affect the sound of the TV sometimes, and its causes and how to solve it can be known through the following:

Reasons for the disappearance of the TV sound

The reason for the TV sound disappearing is due to the following things:

  1. Put the TV on mute.
  2. Reboot mode is on hold, causing the sound to suddenly disappear.
  3. Selecting the Secondary Audio Protocol for the TV.
  4. Changing the audio input mode to another inappropriate mode, such as selecting (Aux) for TV audio.
  5. There is a problem with the sound of the content from its source.
  6. Connect personal headphones to your TV, wired or wireless.
  7. Separate or loosened wires.
  8. Damaged internal TV speakers.
  9. Damage to the motherboard of the TV.
  10. Signal Source problem.
  11. The TV operating system is outdated and out of date.
  12. TV settings problem.

How to fix TV sound disappearing and low

The following things can be done to return the sound or solve the problem of low sound as follows:

  1. Make sure that the Speaker Setting is on the TV Speaker setting.
  2. Try to raise the volume of the TV screen.
  3. Raise the sound from the set-top box if it is connected to the TV, and make sure that its (Audio/Video) cable is connected to the appropriate input on the TV.
  4. Ensure that the TV is not set to Mute.
  5. Disconnect any kind of personal headphones from the TV.
  6. Ensure that the operating system of the smart TV is working properly.
  7. Performing an analog broadcast tuning of television that relies on analog broadcasts technology.
  8. Make sure that the Multi-Channel TV Audio (MTS) settings are set to Main or Stereo. It is worth noting that using a speaker device that does not receive or transmit stereo signals causes no sound from all the TV speakers, which makes the TV sound low.
  9. Turn off the (Simulated) setting in the (Audio/Sound) menu.
  10. Raise the Volume Offset setting to the maximum volume.
  11. Make sure that the TV speakers are turned on (On) from the TV menu, as TVs connected to an external speaker system will be set to the center speaker mode, which should be changed to sound from the TV when it is separated from it.
  12. Choosing the (Audio out) mode from the (Audio/Sound) menu, instead of the Headphones option.

Fix distorted TV sound

The TV sound may fluctuate or fluctuate in a strange and annoying way. This problem can be fixed by doing the following:

  • Ensure that all TV wires associated with it and the various controls and audio devices are in good condition and free from damage, and make sure that they are in and firmly in place, and it is recommended to wipe the entrances designated for them on the TV with a slightly damp cloth when soiled.
  • Make sure to choose the appropriate setting for the sound output location, whether when sound is emitted from the TV or from an external or personal speaker system, using the instructions for use.
  • The sound of the TV is distorted due to the interference of wireless signals emitted by other electronic devices around it, so it is recommended to try to move some devices away from it so that the sound returns clear.
  • Ensure the integrity of the main wire that connects the TV to the satellite and the satellite dish, because it may be the cause of the problem, and it is recommended to seek the help of specialists to correct the situation.

How to force restart the TV

This method is used to solve the problem from its roots and to get rid of the problem of the sound disappearing without tampering with the options too much, and it can be applied by following one of the following methods:

  • Turn the TV off, then unplug it for two minutes, and then turn it back on again.
  • Press the Power Off button on the TV remote control continuously until the Power Off message appears on the screen.
  • Pressing the Power button on the TV remote control continuously until a menu appears on the screen, and choosing the Restart option.
  • Selecting the off mode from the main control menu (Menu) through one of the following methods:

  1. Pressing the Quick Settings button, which is symbolized by the cog, on the remote control → Settings → System → Restart.
  2. Press the Home button on the remote control → Settings → About → Restart.
  3. Pressing the Home button on the remote control → Settings → Device Preferences → About Setting → Restart.


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